This February the Bavarian Ministry for Economy, Media, Energy, and Technology invited representatives from business and politics to a discussion about the Economic Outlook for the Middle East. The magnificent Ludwig Erhard Hall was packed with experts discussing risks and opportunities for German business in the region.

I was invited in a dual role, as an interested businessman, and in my capacity as editor of the Central Council of Oriental Christians in Germany.
The main focus of the event was on Iran. The impending opening of the country has captured the imagination of many German decision makers. Everything Iran was of interest to them, which makes sense considering that the country has its own automotive industry, which has to be brought up to standard with large investments in the coming years, following decades of isolation.

This means that specialists, who know their way around the customs and cultural oddities of the country will be in high demand. One of these specialists is Sara Adhami of the Munich based company “bridge experts“. She is a headhunter of sorts who facilitates contacts in Iran and the region. Born in Iran, Adhami spent her youth in Teheran before making the move to Germany.
Another group anticipating the opening is the the organization “Leben lassen“ (German for “let live“), which has its roots in Iran. Its members and its President Dr. Massoud Harun-Mahdavi hope that the recent developments will benefit the local youth.
Dieter Wagenbrenner of Global-Energy-Sustainable-Alternative, who has many year of experience in the energy sector and led big projects in the areas of waste disposal and energy generation, sees opportunity in the region beyond Iran. Wagenbrenner, who is also a board member of the Central Council of Oriental Christians in Germany, is especially disappointed about the way waste is burned without using its energetic potential. The squandering of resources associated with the widespread practice frustrates the expert.
The invitation helped me to promote the Peacemaker Tour and the next leg of our journey, which, not coincidentally, will be Iran.


Picture, left to right: Simon Jacob, Sara Adhami, Dr. Massoud Harun-Mahdavi, his father Mr Harun-Mahdavi, Dieter Wagenbrenner.