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The very influential National Rifle Association (NRA) has come out in support of Donald Trump.

No surprise at all.

Gun-Mania merges Trump-Mania.

The NRA is putting the Second Amendment absolute and above all and everything in America, fighting all forms of even moderate gun-control.

  • More than 30,000 Americans are killed by guns each year, a small American town extinguished.
  • 2000 times more than killed by ISIS terrorists, like in San Bernadino. 
  • This includes approximately 20,000 suicides. Guns are very dangerous for more and more depressed Americans.
  • More than 10,000 are killed each year by homicide.
  • The radical Islamic terrorists from ISIS or al Qaida (home-grown or from outside) get all the weapons and ammunition they need next door to kill American too easy in America, because of the pro-gun-lobby of the NRA. See San Bernadino.

The ‘solution’ of the influential weapon lobby:

Americans get even more guns!  No gun-free zones any more! Guns at schools, universities, hospitals, churches.

Even with more than 300 million firearms already in the United States.

Now this absurd position is supported by want-to-be-US-President Donald Trump.

He attacked Hillary Clinton even as ‘dictator’ with her moderate position on gun-control.

In recent months, Trump seemed to be the unwanted result of the Republican Party, but in recent weeks, he has taken a turn toward the party lines. He made a major speech to the NRA this past week, and he was met with resounding applause and support. Trumps has not always been such a universal supporter of guns, as he said in his book The America We Deserve, “I generally oppose gun control, but I support the ban on assault weapons and I also support a slightly longer waiting period to purchase a gun”.

Even with this mixed background, Trump waked onto the stage and said exactly what the audience wanted to hear. he brutally attacked Clinton throughout the entire speech, and he field tested a new name for her: “Heartless Hillary”, but he still prefers to call her “Crooked Clinton”.

Either way, it didn’t matter much what he said, as the previous speakers made their speeches about attacking Hillary Clinton, and said that Hillary wanted to take their guns away and abolish the second amendment. Since Trump is not saying this, he already had the voters support, as Clinton would not act in their interest at all, but Trump would. He came away with a big endorsement, and now to solidify support from the republican base, he must turn to get the religious right on his side, and that will firm up his full support with the Republican party. Time will tell what happens next.



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Here are the highlights of the Trump speech to the NRA:

  • He is a long time member of the NRA, as are his sons.
  • Says that his sons have ” so many rifles and so many guns sometimes even I am a little concerned…that’s a lot.”
  • Paris is one of the toughest places to have a gun, but if you would have guns on the other side, “it might not have happened”.
  • Tells the same story on San Bernardino.
  • Pulling from Ted Cruz-esque rhetoric, Trump says that the president doesn’t want to mention “radical Islamic terrorism”.
  • He attacked the idea of “gun-free zones”. He wants to get rid of “gun-free zones”.
  • He was against teleprompters, saying that its too easy, and you will never get in trouble.
  • Clinton wants to “abolish” the second amendment.
  • He honored Charlton Heston, who is an NRA icon.
  • We are going to make the military bigger than before and “nobody is going to push us around”
  • In the next 4 years, the next President will appoint 3-5 Supreme Court judges
  • What Clinton did with her emails was criminal, and they shouldn’t even let her run.
  • Trump put forward a list of potential judges for the open spots in the courts. Where is Hilary’s list?
  • He wants Hillary to disarm her bodyguards to show that she is anti-gun.
  • Obama is releasing thousands of criminals, many convicted of gun crimes. Clinton wants them released as well.
  • 16,500 border patrol agents have endorsed Trump.
  • Claimed that the “right to carry” states are among the most law abiding states in the US
  • He compared Clinton to a “dictator” because she wants to issue “new anti-gun executive orders”.
  • Bernie Sanders wins every week, and keeps losing. “talk about a rigged system”.
  • Raise tax on imports to stop production moving abroad.