Something next US president Trump and his new administration should have on the radar and desks soon:

Cocaine has reached the glamorous suites of Wall Street, Hollywood, Miami and other parts of American society for many years. Consumed by even the “politically correct” hipsters, actors, intellectuals, bankers, and students, it has become a feature of life for many within the American elite.

At the same time as they eat organic and vegan food, and promote environmental progress, they quietly aid the continuation of one of the most violent conflicts going on in the word right now.

This is deeply hypocritical.
Those who snort lines, only to speak about morality a second later, live in a world of lies.
They exhibit an unacceptable double standard.

New statistics show that between 2007 and 2014 in Afghanistan, 21,000 people were killed.

In neighboring Mexico, an estimated half of the 164,000 people who died of homicide (82,000), lost their lives due to drug-related violence.

Four times as many civilians were killed in the United States’ immediate neighborhood, than in Afghanistan.

The demand by American cocaine consumers (and others), have killed more than 80,000 already in Mexico alone.

If this consumption and its related violence do not stop now, another 80,000 more are projected to die until 2020.

This doesn’t include many thousands more who are killed in Central and South America.

Neither ISIS, Syria, Afghanistan nor the Ukraine, are the Untited States’ most violent war. Rather, it is the drug war of Mexico. 

There, between 50,000 and 100,000 people are missing, most of them likely already dead.

230,000 Mexicans fled this mass murder, and lost their homes.
This deadly drug war  is one of the reasons, why so many Mexicans come to the U.S. in the first place, Mr Trump.

This president should propose how to contain and reduce drug (mis-)use in the United States, as this is as dangerous for Mexicans, as it is for Americans. 

It as well produces billions of health costs for the American tax payers. It is not about Obamacare, but making the 310 million Americans healthier.

Drugs mean more crimes as well, to reduce makes America safer again.

Indeed, there is one more hidden damage involved, something the Democrats and liberals care about a lot:

Each gram (0,035 oz) of cocaine destroys four square-kilometers of rain forrest during the chemical production.

The farmers only earn only 1.1 percent of the profit – a far cry from fair trade.

Therefore, whoever consumes cocaine is personally responsible for these atrocities, the Mexican drama and the  mess in the Americas. Taking cocaine promotes the killing of much of our valued rain forests too.

It’s time to stop this cynical double-standard in the United States now.