Ed Rowny (1917-2017) passed away December 17, 2017. He was as well an author for globalo.com. In memory of this unique American patriot, general and diplomat, we publish the greeting by Globalo-founder Dr Hubertus Hoffmann for his 100th Birthday Dinner in the Army Navy Club, Washington DC, May 6, 2017, which was co-sponsored by him.

Ed Rowny reminds all of us what it means to be an American hero, a NATO hero, a hero of the Free World.

He started his military life fighting my other two heroes:

My father, who served as an artillery officer in the Wehrmacht, and my mentor Luftwaffe ace fighter pilot General Johannes Steinhoff, who had shot down 136 allies planes in World War Two.

Ed also served in Tokyo, where the other enemy of Free America started the planing of Pearl Harbor and a Japanese Evil Empire.

We know who won – America and their allies, including brutal dictator Josef Stalin. But Ed Rowny and his friend and my other mentor Dr Fritz Kraemer, and the American heroes of World War II won an even greater battle.

They followed the advice of American philosopher Eric Hoffer who said:

“A war is only won after you have made your enemy your friend.”

Ed Rowny even served under General Johannes Steinhoff as Deputy Chairman of NATO Military Committee in 1971.

What have I and so many other friends learned from him?

Rule 1:

Peace through strength – no provocative weakness, to quote Fritz Kraemer. No comments needed.

Rule 2:

Be friendly, a great human being. Gain trust, and credibility. Help others, make many friends.

The Holy Flame of America needs the spirit of great humanity.

A combination of a “thinking heart and a loving mind”.

Rule 3:

Have humor and integrate this into life and politics.

Rule 4:

Never trust the Russians, but you can make a good deal and long-term even become partners, like with Germany or Japan after 1945.

Rule 5:

Like in NATO Harmel Report from 1967 we always need a double strategy of power and diplomacy, hard and soft factors of peace-making. Both work together very well.

Germany, the Free World, NATO and America can still learn many things from Ed Rowny in 2017.

For the now free and democratic NATO partner Germany I send you all my best wishes from Berlin.

I thank you dear Ed, for your very long service for freedom in our global village.

My God bless you, America and the people of good will.