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Globalo’s Chief correspondent Middle East, Simon Jakob, has travelled to Turkey to interview HDP Congressman Erol Dora.

Dora, who has long been engaged in the fight to improve the standing of ethnic and religious minorities has a gloomy view of his home country:

“Considering everything rationally, people in Turkey have never believed in freedom and democracy, he says. “Only the Turkish nationality was accepted, and that always led to conflicts.”

Mr Dora, the first Christian Deputy of the Turkish Parliament has a clear message:

  •  Our intention is to form a country in which all ethnic minorities are accepted, recognized and tolerated.
  •  Diversity can only encourage to live in freedom and democracy
  • Everybody should be allowed to speak his or her mothertongue and to follow his or her religion in freedom
  • A democratic multi-ethnical state means that everyone is allowed to stand strong for his identity.
  • The freedom of the press and human rights have to be protected


In last weeks elections the HDP again managed to gain 10% of the vote, which means it will again be represented in the Turkish parliament.


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