Chicago March 11, 2016, was just the beginning of a new un-United States of America.

The rise of a dark America, dominated by hate-speeches.

With Donald Trump as a promoter of hate against Muslims, Mexicans, other emigrants and other minorities.

A populist-hate-monger, maybe next in the White House or on Air Force One.

The dis-uniter of America on top of America.

Donald Trump wanted to speak at the arena of the University of Illinois in Chicago to a crowd of 9,000.

Thousands of protesters were inside and outside.

Nasty verbal and physical fights between the Trump-lovers and Trump-haters started.

Trump decided to cancel.

The protesters here happy: “We stopped Trump!”

“We have a very divided country,” Trump said later. “We have a country that’s so divided that maybe even you don’t understand it. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

So he wants to blame Bernie Sanders and others- not himself.

He is missing the Christian values of generosity, solidarity to poor immigrants (like his grandfather) and reconciliation – core American values since the founding fathers have arrived.

His promises to the American voters are based on pure propaganda-bubbles, with no substance and no plans.

Would you give him the power over the atomic weapons of the United States- to push the Red Button?

Chicago is just the beginning of a new deep division of America, if Trump enters the White House.

He is the wind of hate, not the re-uniter of America. He is the un-Uniter of America.

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