Hillary Clinton as well as president Obama and the media have consistently talked about blacks, Latinos, women, homosexuals, bisexuals and transsexuals, creating another minority:” the others”.

There has been a completely different political obsession brewing for some time, called “Identity Politics”, and in its most depressing vulgarization, it is to clean up digital relationships of all that do not correspond to one’s own empathy.

Diversity, however, is often in America today akin to what was once in the Eastern Bloc – “peace and socialism”.

Identity politics are expressive, not persuasive, so you cannot win elections, but you can lose them.

Hillary Clinton has created an additional group that now identifies as a neglected minority through the rhetoric of the blacks, Latinos, women, homo, bisexuals and transsexuals: everyone else.

The thesis of the “Whitelash” (short form for “white backlash”), which is the angry counter-reaction of white old men to social change, an intellectual laziness with which the liberals focus on.

Their imagination is running wild that Republican right-wingers are condemned to demographic demolition in the long term, which would mean that the Democrats would only have to wait until the country falls into their lap – but surprisingly, the many voices of the Latinos for Trump reminded us: the longer they are there, the more minorities become politically diverse.

To paraphrase Bernie Sanders: America is fed up with the damn toilets of the liberals.

The New York Times has spoken two, three or even eight hundred times too often of transsexual unit toilets as the defining cultural problem problem facing the country. This false assessment is now a not very rare hypothesis to explain the Trump phenomenon.