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“I never thought I’d be here”

Truer words have never been said in the White House. President Obama, regardless of politics, was a landmark president, offering inspiration to millions. And every once in a while it is important to put things in perspective, to show just how far we have come as a nation in a short amount of time.

America is a very young nation. Less than 300 years, which is nothing compared to the 5000+ year histories of China and India. But we have come so far in so little time, and its incredible to see that in the flesh, with none other than Lester Townsend, a 108-year-old man, who is “the grandson of a slave shaking hands with the President of the United States”.

Just think bout that. Just three generations ago there was slavery. It is incredible how far the Untied States has come since then, and just imagine what the next three generations will hold…