GLOBALO heard about the latest rumor behind Washington’s closed doors, which Breitbart News does not dare to publish:  

Arab taste dominates the next US president.

What a shock for his many conservative voters in fly-over America!

Can maybe Ivanka Trump convince her father to re-decorate his home in the style of the 21st century, representing new America and not old pre-revolutionary France ?

Some even ask in Washington:

Did Russian president Putin influence his friend in New York, or some of the Trump-invested oligarchs from Russia or maybe Turkish president Erdogan, who all favor golden seats and pomp a la Versailles in their residences? 

Does Trump admire Goldfinger so much, the bad and gold-hungry German businessman played by Gerd Froebe in the famous James Bond movie, who even dared to attack Fort Knox in the US ?

Will The White House soon become The Golden House of America, decorated with the golden assets of president Trump- feeling at home in Washington too?

The cristal-clear proof:

The clear Arab lifestyle of His First American Imperial Highness in New York in his Trump Tower: