Today a year ago we met in Oslo.

Donald Trump wants to bar her from entering the United States- like all Muslims.

Indeed Malala is 10times smarter than The Trump.

This 18 years young girl from Pakistan is many times wiser and more human.

Shouldn’t we ban him from our countries as a hate Trump(et)..?

No tolerance for intolerance any more!

Impeach the hate-monger!

And take over our blue planet again from the forces of evil, the hate preachers and the terrorists.

Make the forces of the good people stronger!

Active the silent majority for tolerance, love and peace – and pray!

Stop killing in the name of Allah!

The 1.5 bn Muslims must stand up and defend their Prophet and Holy Qur’an against the misuse by extremists.

Let us all promote the universal Codes of Tolerance!

And – if necessary, like against ISIS –  contain the mad killers and liberate the people from the terror of evils with weapons in our hands, in a clever double strategy of soft and hard power.

Watch in our Globalo Clip what Malala has to say to us about promoting tolerance.

Photo: GLOBALO Founder Dr. Hubertus Hoffmann with Nobel Peace Prize Winner Malala from Pakistan in Oslo, December 11, 2014. He is author of The Codes of Tolerance (German, Arabic, Polish, English and Italian soon)