Ben & Jerry’s is globally synonymous with delicious ice cream.

This internationally renowned ice cream brand leveraged its popularity to support the fight against racism. through Twitter, the brand proclaimed its support for the Black Lives Matter movement, expressing solidarity with fight against racism:

Surprisingly, it seems like many fans disagree with Ben & Jerry’s stand. They even threaten to boycott the brand for its political opinion:

However, Ben & Jerry’s social media support for the Black Lives Matter movement, also received several positive messages.

Here are a few selected tweets:

It is indeed rare for a commercial brand to make a bold political statement, especially one about the fight against racism.

However, Ben & Jerry’s is leading the way in mobilising support for social movements which aim t0 create an equal world.

While it is unfortunate that people oppose the brand’s opinion, there are several others who are motivated and encouraged by the support shown by Ben & Jerry’s.

While people who oppose the belief that “Black Lives Matter” threaten to boycott Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, we strongly support the brand and encourage like-minded people to do the same.

Image credit: Leah Abernathy/flickr